Tinplate varnishing and lithography

Company “Favor” is constantly developing and investing resources in acquisition of the latest equipment and assimilation of innovative technologies of metal packaging production. One of the basic lines of company activity is tinplate lithography and varnishing.


Tinplate lithography is a complicated multistage process of printing on tinplate, which replaces paper label for unique, aesthetic and the most important - protected from falsification product. Full-color lithography is performed with the powerful modern production line of the German manufacturer KBA – MetalPrint GmbH (the leader of the market of the offset tinplate printing). Currently this is the most advanced technology in this segment of industrial machinery. Four-color process line provides high efficiency of the lithography and excellent print quality.


Tinplate varnishing is the necessary operation, which precedes the lithography process. The varnish coating protects the outer side from corrosion and the inner side - from interaction of a packaging with its content, providing complete hermiticity. One of the exclusive technologic abilities of the company is spot tinplate varnish (glossy, matt, glitter, crackled and other types of lacquers). The combination of different kinds of lacquers converts a contrast, unique and bright appearance of packaging.

Tinplate lithography and varnishing are performed with all possible kinds of UV-inks and lacquers, ranging from the simplest ones to the inks of PREMIUM and LUXURY class from the leading European manufacturers. We are responsible for the quality of all the materials along the process of metal packaging production, lithography and lacquering.

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